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November 2002 – BBC Spotlight found that hundreds of workers were being brought in from Eastern Europe to work on Northern Ireland farms in harsh conditions on false promises of high pay.

May 2007 – Chang Hai Zhang, 28, pleaded guilty to killing Qu Mei Na (also known as Tina) in Belfast and falsely and injuriously imprisoning her. She died a violent death at the hands of her Triad ‘boyfriend’ who had forced her into prostitution after she was trafficked into Ireland.

October 2008 – Saulius Petraitis, 24, and Audrius Sliogeris, 23, pleaded guilty to gang rape, kidnap and false imprisonment of a woman in Armagh. The court found a plan had been executed to ‘break’ the woman, addict her to drugs and sell her to a pimp for 15,000 Euro. “In short she would be trafficked,” the court found.

November 2008 – A man who admitted sex trafficking in Belfast was given a suspended jail sentence. Mark Russell, 38, from Circular Road in Dromore, Co Down, was arrested after police discovered four women working as prostitutes at an apartment in Ardmore Court, Belfast.

February 2010 – Thomas Carroll, 48, and his wife Shamiela Clark, 32, were jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for running a “lucrative” prostitute ring in Northern Ireland and Ireland from Pembrokeshire. Young women from South America and Africa believed they would be given work as hairdressers.

October 2011 – A man and woman from Scotland were jailed for trafficking men and women into prostitution across the UK. Stephen Craig, 34, and Sarah Beukan, 22, admitted moving 14 men and women to addresses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff and Newcastle.

April 2012 – Matyas Pis, 38, formerly of Gaybrook Lawns in Dublin, was convicted of the trafficking of two women into Belfast for prostitution.

June 2012 – Rong Chen, 35, was jailed for trafficking after duping women into coming to Northern Ireland believing they would have jobs as childminders, nannies or cleaners. The court heard she threatened them with violence and murder to keep them in line.